Delegated Act on Additionality

SolarPower Europe Statement

13 February 2023


Today, the European Commission has published its long-anticipated Delegated Act on additionality which sets rules for the deployment of renewable hydrogen projects. The European Parliament and Council of the European Union will have the opportunity to reject or accept the Act, without offering amendments.








Arthur Daemers, Policy Advisor at SolarPower Europe:  


“This publication finally offers the path to regulatory certainty for the renewables sector and enables developers to design renewable hydrogen projects.


The decision to allow monthly temporal correlation in a transitional period, to then impose more granular matching (with hourly matching from 2030) will provide a first mover advantage, while preserving the integrity of renewable hydrogen in the long term.


On the other hand, it’s regrettable that the European Commission chose not to allow national borders to be considered as the limits for geographical correlation.


In a new development, the European Commission included an exemption from the additionality requirements for ‘low-emission’ power grids, in addition to exemptions for grids with a high share of renewables.


We hope that those two measures will further incentivise Member States to decarbonise their power grid via the most cost- and time-efficient technologies: renewables.


Time is of the essence now in Europe. Fighting climate change while retaining technological leadership requires us to move faster.


We now have a workable definition. MEPs and Member States should allow the adoption of the Delegated Act, and swiftly agree binding targets for renewables and renewable hydrogen.”


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Bethany Meban
Head of Press and Communciations

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