Electricity Market Design European Parliament Plenary vote

SolarPower Europe Statement

13 September 2023

SolarPower Europe has issued the following statement ahead of the European Parliament Plenary vote on Electricity Market Design.


Arthur Daemers, Policy Advisor at SolarPower Europe (he/him): 


“SolarPower Europe calls on all MEPs to support the rapporteur's mandate on the Electricity Market Design revision.  


The solar sector is delivering the EU’s renewable energy goals, driving climate protection, and stabilising energy prices for citizens and industry. 


To deliver an effective roll-out of solar, we must maintain a stable regulatory framework, one that doesn’t reshuffle consumer contracts or endanger investor certainty. 


The ITRE report on Electricity Market Design was supported by a majority of political groups.  


MEPs should adopt this text tomorrow in Strasbourg, to secure the renewable-powered Europe we need, as fast as we can.” 

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Bethany Meban
Head of Press and Policy Communications

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