EU Electricity Market Design Update

SolarPower Europe Statement

16 May 2023


Following the European Commission’s proposed Electricity Market Design revision, Nicolás González Casares MEP has submitted widely reported amendments to the proposal. SolarPower Europe has issued the following statement.

Naomi Chevillard, Head of Regulatory Affairs at SolarPower Europe said (she/her):



  • On grids


“The proposed amendments offer some very positive steps for integrating renewables to the grid. 


We’re happy to see the creation of a digital grid connection process and the right to a non-firm grid connection agreement – i.e a solution to connect the battery + solar where grid reinforcement would be too difficult or costly.”



  • On energy sharing


“The attention to energy sharing is good to see. To follow the success of the energy sharing we’ve seen in Portugal, France, and Spain, the proposals should include a dedicated tariff for energy sharing.


The scope of energy sharing should grasp the full potential of EU rooftops. Large businesses often have property relevant for energy sharing – the proposed limit of 100kW is too low. For example, it would prevent a typical stadium roof, which generates around 1 MWp, from providing energy to the local community.”



  • On corporate renewable power purchasing agreements (PPAs)


“Importantly, the proposal aims to make PPAs more accessible to business.


However, we are quite concerned by the proposal to embed the wholesale market revenue cap in legislation. In theory, the proposal would respect PPA revenues, but this has proven impossible to implement in practice.


In addition, the proposal leaves too much flexibility for Member States to set the level of the cap, and the types of measures that can be taken – which complicates access to the internal market.”


SolarPower Europe Position Paper on Electricity Market Design

All routes to market for solar PV investments preserved. Maintaining of marginal pricing system. Market revenue caps no longer prolonged.

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