EU finalises the Net-Zero Industry Act

SolarPower Europe Statement

7 February 2024

Today the co-legislators of the European Union agreed on the final form of the Net-Zero Industry Act. While the final text is not yet published, SolarPower Europe has issued a statement in reaction to the press conference and Council of the EU press release outlining the NZIA key provisions.


Dries Acke, Policy Director at SolarPower Europe (he/him) said: 


“Landing the Net-Zero Industry Act is a crucial landmark in Europe’s clean industry story. It’s an essential piece of the industrial strategy puzzle, which will substantially improve off-take visibility for EU solar manufacturers at this critical time.


In public procurement and parts of energy auctions, EU countries now have the possibility to reward project bidders based on non-price criteria, like sustainability or resilience.


We understand these criteria will apply to a minimum of 30% of auctions initially. This is a positive, measured, approach, which will help EU solar manufacturers finance project pipelines, knowing that there is reliable demand for their product. This also means the rest of the auction market should remain unaffected, maintaining the necessary pace of solar deployment. To guarantee this win-win, we encourage member states to act swiftly while respecting the 30% threshold. 


It is good news that this Act will be revised in coming years, via ordinary legislative procedure, to map out the trajectory towards 2030 and beyond. This is a sensible ‘walk before we run’ approach.


For clear and consistent implementation of procurement and auctions rules across the EU, we’re asking the European Commission to swiftly adopt the Implementing Act that will clarify the rules at a technical level. 


We reiterate our call with the wind industry that these rules, as well as the forward trajectory of auction volumes, should be technology specific, and recognise the different starting points of the wind and solar supply chains.


But let us be very clear: while landing the NZIA sends a strong signal to EU solar manufacturers, it doesn’t negate the need for emergency support. Manufacturers have weeks left of survival, this emergency requires urgent action from EU and national authorities.”

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