ITRE vote on the Cyber Resilience Act

SolarPower Europe Statement

19 July 2023

SolarPower Europe has issued the following statement on today's vote in the European Parliament ITRE Committee on the Cyber Resilience Act.


Jan Osenberg, Policy Advisor at SolarPower Europe said (he/him):


“Compared to the initial proposal, the ITRE compromise will make it more straightforward for companies to prove that their products comply to clear cyber resilience requirements. 


The new requirements reflect best practices already undertaken by industry. For example, ITRE’s position mirrors the existing work of manufacturers to mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


Since the ITRE position aligns the product requirements of the Cyber Resilience Act with the NIS2-Directive, it simplifies the process of rapidly reporting and effectively responding to threats. ”



  • Once the Cyber Resilience Act has passed the next negotiation steps, the law will define cyber security requirements and compliance assessments to protect energy devices from cyber attacks.  
  • The NIS2-Directive is EU legislation which focuses on devices in a network.
SolarPower Europe Position Paper on the Cyber Resilience Act

Streamlined conformity assessments. The protection of intellectual property. Clear and proportionate reporting requirements.

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