Solar Sustainability Best Practices Benchmark

SolarPower Europe has launched the Solar Sustainability Best Practices Benchmark, produced collaboratively by many solar industry experts active in SolarPower Europe’s Sustainability Workstream.  With solar on the verge of reaching the Terawatt era, the PV industry is seeking to further improve sustainability performance in relation to environmental, social, and corporate governance features. 

In a context of increased attention to matters of sustainability across the European Union and beyond, the report aims to guide and accompany solar companies in showing thought leadership in sustainability. Current European developments considered in these guidelines include the ongoing discussions on legislative proposals such as Ecodesign and Energy Labeling requirements for PV productsIn light of this momentum, the report takes a closer look at different areas of sustainability that are relevant for the solar PV sector, addressing a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in the PV value chain. The report also sheds light on how the European and international PV industry is addressing them, presenting state-of-the-art sustainability practices in the solar PV industry and across the entire PV value chain. Such practices can be used as benchmarks to advance the whole PV sector’s sustainability performance and to drive overall sustainable change. 

Sustainability Best Practices Benchmark

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