Meet the team: Jan Osenberg

by - 16 May 2023
Meet the SolarPower Europe team: Jan Osenberg is our Policy Advisor coordinating our work on rooftop solar, BIPV and digitalisation.
Meet the SolarPower Europe team

Jan Osenberg is our Policy Advisor coordinating our work on rooftop solar, BIPV and digitalisation. 


Among these topics, we recently published an in-depth report on energy sharing, where we provide on guidance for the implementation of the EU solar standard, fire safety of solar on buildings and the implementation of EU solar self-consumption frameworks.


"I coordinate the technical input from our members and translate it into advocacy-ready messages, which we present to EU politicians. This is similar to our digitalisation work, where we work on cyber security, data interoperability and soon the EU data spaces for energy."
Jan Osenberg
What do you love most about working at SolarPower Europe?

"Certainly, the opportunity to work with members from different parts of the solar value chain and with on-the-ground experience. In our discussions, we often arrive at quite detailed insights into the barriers and opportunities for solar deployment and end with real, constructive contributions to policy debates. "

What is your one wish for the future of solar?

"My one wish is that we manage to maintain current levels of public support for solar. If this happens, I'm confident that our kids will one day ask us: 'Why did you ever build walls and roofs which don't generate electricity?'"

What has been your favourite professional memory so far?

"I always enjoy meeting our members and talking to them about solar, for example, at our SolarPower Summit, Workstream meetings, INTERSOLAR, or other events. Another thing that I'm proud of is I believe our Energy Sharing Framework contributed to the European Commission's proposal on energy sharing in the revision of the Electricity Market Design. This will have a very tangible result."