National solar associations gather in Brussels

12 April 2023

On 6 April, SolarPower Europe hosted representatives of Europe’s national solar associations at our offices in Brussels for a solar strategy day.

The national associations strategy day came on the heels of our Annual General Meeting, where we provided an overview of SolarPower Europe’s achievements in 2022, and held elections to appoint key members of our Boardof Directors, including the President, two Vice-President positions, and two members of the Board. 


The aim of our national associations strategy day was to bring key players in the solar sector together in-person to exchange on key challenges and opportunities for the sector; to share ideas; and to network. To start the day, we celebrated SolarPower Europe’s achievements and examined what  key drivers and obstacles the solar industry is set to face in the coming years. Specifically, we looked at how to maintain regulatory stability; address grids bottlenecks; reinforce supply chains; streamline administrative procedures; and expand solar skills.

During the day, we also held breakout group discussions to align on policy priorities for 2023. These covered topics such as NECPs, electricity markets, and resilient solar PV supply chains.

Following on from the launch of our Solar Communications Forum at the SolarPower Summit in March, we scheduled a National Associations Communications Workshop, where we took a deeper look into the goals of the Solar Communications Forum, exchanging on areas of common interest, and how we can collaborate to tell Europe’s solar story. During this session, we also presented the progress of our #SolarWorks communications campaign, which has evolved into the #SolarWorks platform and social media channels geared towards building the solar workforce of tomorrow. 

Overall, we had a productive day full of creative ideas and energetic debates on how to take solar to Terawatt-level and beyond in Europe.


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