Ukraine war, one year on: Solar Supports Ukraine

24 February 2023

Today marks exactly one year since Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine. One year on, continued support to Ukraine has never been more important.

Right now, the stability of the Ukrainian electricity grid is under constant threat. As communities are forced to live in widespread power outages, solar can be deployed quickly and can help support Ukraine to become energy independent in their hours of need.


That is why, on 22 December of last year, SolarPower Europe, the German Solar Industry Association (BSW), and the Ukrainian Solar Energy Association (ASEU), launched a widespread donation campaign, ‘Solar Supports Ukraine,’ to collect €300,000  and finance the installation of solar on schools and hospitals, as well as solar off-grid trailers and solar power banks.


Donations will be used by the implementing partners RePower Ukraine Charitable Foundation and Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation, to buy solar equipment which is urgently needed on site.


Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, said:  “SolarPower Europe are honoured to take part in this significant campaign. Ukrainian infrastructure has been decimated in this war. One year on, it has never been more important to support Ukrainians. With the ‘Solar Supports Ukraine’ campaign, we are playing a small part in boosting solar but more importantly, in ensuring that schools and hospitals can still function. Every small donation will make a huge difference.” 

SolarPower Europe has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and called on the solar community to mobilise support for the Ukrainian resistance.


We have also established the Ukraine Solar Solidarity Taskforce, which is open to all SolarPower Europe members, and will work with the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU), together with other European solar organisations, to support Ukraine’s power infrastructure needs. The Taskforce will develop and deliver equipment and expertise to the people on the ground in Ukraine.


Together, the solar community can support a brighter future for Ukraine. 


Слава Україні, Slava Ukraini

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Dan Sokolov
Junior Project Coordinator

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