Solar saves in Croatia

We spoke with Filip Koprčina, a young entrepreneur from Croatia who is committed to seeing solar rolled out in his country and beyond as a solution to the energy and climate crises. Filip founded the company Energy Shift, a platform that enables citizens to jointly invest in and co-own solar farms. He has also installed solar on his parents’ home.

Household in Croatia

Filip Koprčina, founder of Energy Shift discusses his family's solar panels

Number of panels
Energy produced
4000 kWh
Solar is the solution in Croatia and across Europe

As the energy crisis sends shockwaves across Europe, no country is left unaffected. In Croatia, like the rest of Europe, rising energy prices are causing a knock-on effect on the economy. To combat rising inflation, the government introduced a €2.78 billion relief package in September to help businesses and households deal with the energy crisis.  

“Croatia is a country that imports energy in billions of Kuna yearly, which is why we are more affected with the rising prices globally. Currently, only 1% of Croatia's energy comes from solar, which is a shame for a country with more than 220 sunny days in a year.”
Filip Koprčina

Earlier this month, the government also introduced a 0% VAT rate for households looking to install solar for self-consumption, which sparked a huge interest from households to invest in solar. This could also improve Croatia’s long-term energy security.


At Filip’s home, they have installed 8 solar panels which produce around 4000 kWh of clean energy per year. After a few more years, they will have “free energy” meaning the initial investment they paid for the solar installation will be paid off from the money they have saved or earned, from the energy produced. 


Filip says, installing solar panels makes sense economically while also being good for the planet. After your investment is paid off, you literally have access to 'free energy' produced locally from renewable sources. Not to mention the benefit of having security from higher energy prices when utilities decide to raise prices (which happens more often than you think).

Installing solar panels is not only good for the environment, it is also beneficial for your wallet. Moreover, you get security against power outages or higher energy prices, which helps you to mange your household expenses.

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