Solar-powered energy communities in Romania

“We urgently need a plan B," is the opening sentence on the Cooperativa de Energie Romania's website, capturing the essence of the cooperative's mission. As the country's first-ever energy community providing 100% green energy with certificates of origin, Cooperativa de Energie is actively working to facilitate the transition to an energy market fully supported by renewable energy sources.

Cooperativa de Energie Romania

Romania's first-ever energy community providing 100% green energy.

Entered the market

The aim of the cooperative is to empower citizens, and encourage them to become investors in green energy, transcending the role of mere consumers. 


We spoke with Bogdan Stroe, a Board Member of Cooperativa de Energie Romania, who has witnessed the remarkable growth of the cooperative, currently boasting a membership base of 940, including both local citizens and those from the diaspora.

“The energy transition undoubtedly requires investments; and the good part is that everyone can invest, it does not need to be necessarily the government. Any citizen can invest in this transition. I wanted to do my part and invest in this area, and Cooperativa de Energie seemed like the perfect place to do that.”


From its inception, the cooperative has actively pursued opportunities in renewable energy production. This includes acquiring solar parks, purchasing projects at various developmental stages, and constructing solar parks from the ground up. Cooperativa de Energie is planning to enter its production phase this year.


"We try to build a different type of relationship with our consumers, based on transparency and correct information. With each consumer, we build a relationship based on trust."


The concept of energy communities was niche when Bogdan joined in 2019, but public awareness has grown significantly since then.  

Bogdan emphasises the crucial educational role played by the energy community. Cooperativa de Energie consistently strives to educate people on various aspects of energy, including production, consumption, storage, and dynamic pricing. The cooperative also actively encourages others to establish energy communities across Romania, especially in the six counties targeted by the Just Energy Transition Fund, which includes some mining areas.

What message would you give to European and Romanian politicians?


“Investment in renewables like solar is paramount, not only for the benefits they bring to the environment but also for their financial profitability and ease of installation and maintenance. It is key to emphasise the resilience that independent energy supply provides to citizens…


Unfortunately, the national government is not supporting Romanian energy communities. Although a law was enacted to implement the European directive, the secondary legislation required to apply the directive is absent. Ensuring that energy communities can benefit from such legislation is crucial.” 

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